Robin McMahon Transpersonal Psychotherapist

Robin McMahon Transpersonal PsychotherapistI am a registered Transpersonal Psychotherapist with many years of experience guiding people through difficult transitions and periods in their lives. I completed my graduate training in Transpersonal Psychotherapy at De Montfort University in London, England.

Because of the powerful and transformative nature of body-centered  and mindfulness based modalities I have been further trained in the Hakomi method  with Ron Kurtz in Oregon,  and  in IFS (Internal Family Systems) with Richard Schwartz in Chicago. I have also studied  the principals of the Buddhist- based  psychology of Jack Kornfield in California, and the body based meditation practices of Reggie Ray, in Colorado. I am a certified Hatha Yoga Instructor.

My practice reflects this training to provide clients with a philosophically integrative and holistic treatment approach.

I personally maintain a daily yoga and meditation practice and believe that these practices resource and build strength in our higher Self and help to deepen our awareness and increase our sensitivity to our surroundings, so that we can consciously choose the actions we take in living our lives and manifesting our dreams.