The benefits of a using a mindfulness based models like IFS for your therapy are enormous. What you learn about the different parts of yourself and how they are motivated by protection will show you the path to compassion, clarity, courage, confidence and love. To live your life from compassion, instead of protection, is the healthy shift we are all capable of.

I will teach you how to access your true Self, and how to differentiate the various competing voices in your head, so that you can not only distinguish the voice of your true Self, but sense and feel the difference between your true Self and your Protective Parts…

You will learn a model for understanding yourself,that you can take with you and apply to every situation you encounter, again and again, with or without my guidance… so that you can turn our sessions into “installed” skill sets and use the principles of neuroplasticity to actually change the hardwiring in your brain.

When you work with me, you will learn how to be “your own best friend”. The more we develop a connection to our wise Inner Self, the less our Parts push us to be perfect, to over control situations, or to drop out or tune out, and the more access we have to forgiveness and compassion.

You will learn to find your internal balance, sweetness, benevolence and happiness for the benefit of your Inner Child. By accessing your own power, and developing a practice of stillness and listening, your Protective Parts will not need to act out as loudly to get your attention.