Robin McMahon Transpersonal Psychotherapist

Each of us has an internal sense of health and wholeness; we all contain inner qualities of confidence, clarity, courage, creativity, curiosity, compassion,  calm, connection, patience and perseverance .

Protective parts of us, whose intentions are to keep us safe from our most painful memories, worst fears and destructive beliefs, can sometimes get over activated, and cover over our inner qualities.

We can get to know and appreciate these protective parts and help them relax; help them release their fears and burdens, so that more of our innate wisdom is uncovered and available to us in our everyday lives.

I primarily use the mindfulness based psychotherapy model called Internal Family Systems (IFS) to help you get to know the protective parts of your own system. I interweave my knowledge and skill of  Hakomi, EMDR, Energy work, Yoga, Body-based practices and Breathwork, to find the right combination of methods that is right for you.

I support you in an atmosphere of compassionate presence to help you understand your own unique inner system, so that you can let go of outdated beliefs and self defeating emotions and begin to live and love from a healed place of confidence, clarity, creativity, hope, excitement, joy and playfulness.

I guide you to experience your own truth, and to understand yourself in a way that makes a real difference to your relationships and the way you are in the world. You will learn for yourself about what holds you back and how you can move forward with a renewed sense of hope and aliveness.

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